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If you're residential or commercial property needs paving services but asphalt's not quite in your budget, Asphalt Paving & Maintenance LLC has you covered with the best affordable Paving Alternatives in Central Texas! Call today for our free quote of the quality paving services you deserve! :) Below is an elegant drive of crushed granite we laid with concrete borders that perfectly matched the client's existing rustic-style barn.
Below we dusted asphalt with portland cement to give it the appearance of concrete for a fraction of the cost of concrete.
We can apply affordable alternatives to asphalt such as crushed limestone or granite or other materials to provide years of maintenance free roadways.


Chip & Seal - the next best alternative to asphalt. Click our Chip & Seal tab for more info. This is a good solution to Ranch Roads and helps control dust and pot-holes.

Road Base - if your'e tired of all the mud but on a tight budget, crushed limestone road base is an awesome alternative. Commercial TXDot approved road base provides a solid drivable surface that compacts well, is easy to maintain and will last for several years.

Crushed Granite - also economical, crushed granite is a beautiful solution for driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. There's an abundance of pink granite in Marble Falls and Llano, Texas. Granite works well on flat areas but not recommend for hills or inclines. It's ideal for the Hill Country and surrounding areas. Granite produces a smooth drive suitible for wheelchairs.

Gravel - comes in a variety of colors and pebble sizes; fine pebbles can also produce a smooth drive suitible for wheelchairs.

Recycled Crushed Asphalt - this can be purchased from asphalt plants at reduced prices and used much like road base but has higher longevity.

Mulch - this is a very economical solution and will keep your car from sinking into the mud!

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